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Chef and company owner, Glenn Cormier, developed this special sauce almost 30 years ago working at home. Glenn discovered that the fast pace of the line called for a hassle-free, quick marinade, and Cormier’s Gold was the answer.


Soon after creating Cormier’s Gold sauces, relatives and friends began knocking at the door with containers. He knew he had a winner!

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My name is Glenn Cormier, many years ago I stole a recipe from my sister, well, more like borrowed. I use to make this sauce at home all the time and I kept having people come over with empty containers looking to get some more of that sauce. So I thought maybe we have something here….


I have been a Chef for 40 + years and have developed some great flavored Cooking Sauces. My products are Oil and Fat Free and have an extra added bonus because we happen to be also Wheat and Gluten Free. It is soy sauce based and consist of 5 various flavor profiles. We have Garlic & Ginger, Double Garlic, Jalapeno, Orange Burst and Cracked Black Pepper, for now with more to come. These sauces work well with all proteins, Beef, Chicken and Pork as well as Seafood items, Steak Fish and Scallops and Shrimp. The Ginger pairs very well with Salmon. But people also love it with vegetables and rice.


My sauces are applicable for use in multifunctional cooking techniques, you can sauté, pan fry, grill and oven roast. I developed them so they could be used in any application. You will also note that these sauces are NOT cut with water, they are somewhat concentrated and that lends itself to being consumer friendly so that the customer does not have to use a ½ bottle per meal.


As I said, I use a Wheat and Gluten Free Soy Sauce, that makes me one of the very few around who is currently doing this and the sauces taste is very unique.  My Jalapeno works just as well with Green Beans as it does with Chicken Wings. Garlic & Ginger and Strip Steak or Tips or Grilled Steaks, Orange Burst makes a great Orange Beef or Chicken or Pork you are only limited by your imagination. Take the sauces home and try them on different vegetables and proteins. As with most proteins my sauce is an instant marinate, pan fry or cook your protein half way, turn it over and add the sauce and finish cooking and you are done.


These sauces can be used all year round and you will really go through it in the spring and in the summer. There is a very nice balance between the sweet and saltiness of the sauces and I do pack in glass because my sauces are a hot pack which means the sauces are cooked and bottled hot with a longer than most shelf life.


Thank you very much,

Glenn A. Cormier

Cormier’s Kitchen


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Cormier's Gold

It's All About The Flavor!

Shrimp On A Plate


Priced like other sauces but better.
Cooked Meat On A Plate


You can marinate meats with this in 15 minutes.
Meat Cooking On A Grill


This is not cut with water; it's concentrated.

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