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Dunk. Douse. Drench. Dip.

A bottle of Cormier’s Gold is a call to action.

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It's All About The Flavor

Indescribably delicious sauce that can be used in many applications sauté, marinate, BBQ and pan-fry sauces from Cormier’s Kitchen.

Oil-Free, Fat-Free, Gluten-Free, and Wheat-Free our soy sauce-based sauces work well with all proteins, veggies, and rice.

Cormier's Gold

Robust Flavors

It’s sort of a gourmet sauce in everyday clothing, priced like other sauces but better.

The flavor is there and it’s intense. This is an instant marinade sauce. You can marinate meats with this in as little as 15 minutes.

This sauce is made in Retail and Food Service applicable for Restaurants Like S & S Deli in Cambridge and The Palms, The Bell in Hand in Boston.

Bold Flavors

Goes Great With

Shrimp On A Plate


Cooked Meat On A Plate


Cooked Chicken



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